Current Members

Research Assistant Professor

Research Assistant Professor

Jennifer Manuzak, Ph.D

Education: Ph.D. Immunology, University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus, Denver, CO, USA

B.A. Biology, Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Research interests: Understanding the mechanisms of mucosal and systemic immune function in the context of HIV infection and examining methods by which these factors can be manipulated to the benefit of the host. Specific interests include understanding the effects of elicit substance use on HIV immunopathology and determining the impact of co-infections, such as malaria, on HIV transmission, pathogenesis and prevention strategies.

Interests outside the lab: Adult beverages of all kinds, traveling to far off lands, paddle boarding, camping, reading, arts and crafts, hula dancing.

Research Support Manager

Research Support Manager

Charlene Miller

Education:B.S Cell Biology & Neuroscience, Montana State University 

Research interests: Neuropathogenesis of ZIKV and HIV; determining biological factors that may contribute to higher HIV acquisition rates in adolescent females.

Interests outside of lab: Hiking, kayaking, or just working out at a gym. I LOVE trying new restaurants and traveling to new places, as well as trying new wines and Belgian beers.

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Ana Leda, Ph.D

Education: Ph.D in Infectious Diseases, Federal University of Sao Paulo

MSc in Pathology, State University of Sao Paulo

BSc in Biomedical Sciences, State University of Sao Paulo               

Interests outside the lab: Beach, biking, beer and books!

PhD student, Pharmaceutics

PhD student, Pharmaceutics

Ryan Cheu

Education: B.S. Biochemistry, Santa Clara University 

Research Interests: Determining how female genital tract microbial dysbiosis impacts pre-exposure prophylaxis efficacy and HIV susceptibility in women. Understanding the impact mucosal microbial communities have on immune profiles while working on the development of microbiota-based therapies to modulate host immunity and enhance drug effectiveness to improve disease outcomes.

Interests outside of lab: baseball, soccer, surfing, traveling, wine connoisseur, kayaking, hiking, pretty much anything outside

Ph.D student, Biopathology

Ph.D student, Biopathology

Andrew Gustin

Education: B.S.- Middle Tennessee State University, Microbiology

A.S. - Volunteer State Community College, Paramedicine

B.A. - University of Illinois Urbana-Champagin, English/Rhetoric

Research Interests:Using molecular biology and metagenomics to examine breakdowns in commensal microbial communities at mucosal surfaces that impair host immune defenses.

Interest outside the lab: Hanging out with my pups and everything outdoors Seattle has to offer.

Research Scientist

Research Scientist

Courtney Broedlow

Education: B.S Genetics and Cell biology, Washington State University

B.S. Psychology, San Francisco State University

Research Interests: Understanding the relationship between microbial communities and their host through molecular and metagenomic techniques.

Interests outside of the lab: Reading, baseball, anything outdoors, traveling, and FOOD

Research Support Specialist

Research Support Specialist

Jill King

Education: University of Connecticut Pathobiology B.S.

Research Interests: Understanding microbiome dysbiosis in HIV

Interests outside of lab: Snowboarding, hiking with my dogs, beach, Disney!, and beer